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Cosmetic Tattoo


Cosmetic Tattoo (Micro-pigmentation) is perfect for those requiring their features enhanced, those who suffer from poor eye sight or shaky hands, cosmetic allergies or those who can not wear makeup due to their work or hobbies. It suits anyone who always wants to look their best with little or no effort. Cosmetic Tattoo can permanently enhance lip lines, eye lines or the eyebrows.

All Cosmetic Tattoo treatments are carried out by Erica, a registered member of the Australian Cosmetic Tattoo Association. Erica has many years of experience in the field and she uses the advanced Golden Eye Micro-pigmentation method. This internationally recognised method uses very fine and exact drawing techniques providing exceptionally natural results. As an example, eyebrows are created by drawing each hair individually (feathering technique) instead of creating two solids; the result is subtle and natural, even with no make-up applied.


The Cosmetic Tattoo procedure


Cosmetic Tattoo is a semi permanent procedure to enhance facial features. Pigmentation is applied using erica's aesthetics | cosmetic tattoo lipsa very small sterile needle to distribute colour under the surface of the skin. Erica's Aesthetics only uses proven safe and high quality pigments.

The length of time the results will last, is contingent on many factors including skin type. Oily skin has a rapid metabolic and cell turn over rate, and usually causes the result to fade faster than comparable drier skin. On average the results last for approximately 1.5 years (fair eyebrows) to 6 years (black eyeliner).

In preparation for enhancing the lips and eyebrows, your cosmetic tattooist draws a sketch on the area to ensure suitable and desired colour and shape. It is not necessary to remove any existing eyebrow hair before this point. The procedure takes about 1-2 hours depending on size and depth of colour of the treated area. Immediately after the procedure, the skin is usually slightly swollen, and the result is darker than the final result. It takes up to one week for the colour to settle and during that time it will lighten.

The desired result is usually achieved by 2 to 3 applications (included in cost). The follow up applications should be applied 3 to 4 weeks after the initial application. Cosmetic Tattoo is a safe but not a painless process, however a topical anaesthetic is used throughout the entire procedure. After the procedure, the treated area may be slightly swollen for up to one to three days, depending on the skin type.

Below are some examples of cosmetic tattooing carried out by Erica's Aesthetics.


Cosmetic tattoo lipsFull lip tattooeyeliner tattoocat eye eyeliner tattoo

Cosmetic tattoo eyebrowscosmetic tattoo eyebrows


Cosmetic Tattoo prices


Eyeliners upper & lower  $750             Eyebrows $690
Lower eyeliner  $350   Lip lines & blend    $690
Upper eyeliner $460   Full lip   $890
Medium upper eyeliner     $500   Beauty mark $125
Thick/ Winged upper eyeliner     $560      


All above Cosmetic Tattoo prices include 2 visits


Please note: in order to secure your cosmetic tattoo booking with us, a 30% pre payment will be required. We understand you may need to cancel or reschedule your appointment, but we do ask for a 48 hrs notice. Unfortunately a forfeiture of the pre payment will apply if you fail to show, reschedule or cancel within 48 hours of the start of the appointment.

Cosmetic Tattoo Home care


After the treatment make-up application to the treated area must be avoided for three days. It is also good idea to have a weeks break from swimming, steaming the face, tough exercise, solarium use and sun bathing. It is also strictly forbidden to scratch and touch the treated area with your fingers. It is very important to keep the pigmented area moisturised at all times during the first week post application.




Erica is a qualified CIDESCO (Internationally recognised) beauty therapist, certified in the advanced Goldeneye micro-pigmentation method with over 10 years of experience in this field. Erica is a member of the Australian Cosmetic Tattoo Association, and enjoys learning the latest techniques the industry has to offer, and keeping her knowledge current.