IPL Permanent Hair Removal

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IPL permanent hair reduction is a safe, effective, low pain solution suitable for most areas of the body. The IPL machine sends directed light/heat energy along the hair shaft to the follicle, destroying the root. IPL is only able to treat hair in its anagen (active growth) stage. At any one time 20-30% of your hair is going through this stage, therefore six to ten sessions are usually necessary. The amount of treatments required will depend on many factors such as color, the density of your hair, and location on the body. IPL successfully eliminates dark hairs and significantly weakens the growth of fair hairs. 

With the purchase of 6 sessions receive 1 for free. 


Prices Female 

                     Single Session   Course of 6                        Single session  Course of 6
Eyebrow (middle) $55   | $275                         Brazilian $189 | $949         
Lip  $59   | $299   Half leg (lower)  $249 | $1245  
Chin $79   | $399   Half leg (upper)  $299 | $1499  
Sides of face  $99   | $499   Half leg & bikini  $319 | $1599  
Full face  $219 | $1099    Half leg & G-string $339 | $1699  
Underarm  $95   |
$475    Half leg & brazilian      $399 | $1999  
Full arm  $319 | $1599    3⁄4 leg    $319 | $1599  
Half arm  $189 | $975    3⁄4 leg & bikini   $409 | $2049  
Navel  $49   |
$249    3⁄4 leg & G-string $429 | $2149  
Back & shoulders       $419 | $2099   3⁄4 leg & brazilian $449 | $2249  
Chest  $219 | $1099    Full leg $449 | $2249  
Chest & stomach  $349 | $1749    Full leg & bikini $519 | $2599  
Bikini  $119 |
$599    Full leg & G-string $539 | $2699  
G-String  $149 | $749    Full leg & Brazilian $569 | $2849  


Prices Male                                                                                          

                      Single Session  Course of 6                       Single Session  Course of 6
Full arm  $399 | $1999   Half leg (lower) $289 | $1445  
Back & shoulders $549 | $2749   Half leg (upper) $339 | $1699  
Chest $319 | $1599   Full leg  $549 | $2749  
Chest & stomach $399 | $1999          



Preparing for your IPL treatments 


In order to achieve the best results from your treatments we recommend that you daily exfoliate and hydrate the treatable area for one week prior the treatment. This prevents the reflection caused by dry skin cells allowing more powerful treatments and fewer sessions. If you are having permanent hair reduction, all treatments that pull the hairs out with the root (ie waxing, sugaring, plucking) must be avoided for 2 to 3 weeks prior IPL. The area must be shaved 2 days prior your treatment. Spray tans and sun exposure must be avoided for at least 4 weeks.


What happens during an IPL treatment 


In all treatments, we use an Intense Pulsed Light machine to apply pulsed light, at a specific wavelength and controlled power, to the surface of the skin. The treatment itself is not painful, a slight warmth and tingling may be felt around the treated area. Sensitive areas may be a little swollen and red for a couple of days. This can be treated with soothing, cooling aftercare gel. Eye protection is essential in all treatments, and will be provided.


Medication and IPL treatments


Some antibiotics and medications are photosensitive and we recommend you check this with your GP prior to the initial treatment. If your doctor has any questions regarding the specifics of the treatment or the equipment used, we are happy to discuss and answer any questions they may have.


IPL Treatment Intervals 

Treatment intervals depend on the desired outcome, hair type and hair growth pattern

  • face 6 to 10 treatments, approximately 2 weeks apart

  • body 6 to 10 treatments 6 weeks apart

  • legs 6 to 10 treatments 8 weeks apart

  • fair and thin hair and hormonal hair will often require more sessions.

You may need some occasional maintenance treatments in case of new hair growth. Records show an average of 10% yearly hair growth due to hormonal factors. 


IPL After Care 


Protect the treated area with either clothing or a broad spectrum 30+ sunscreen for 4 weeks post treatment. This is vital to out rule the possibility of hyperpigmentation on the area because your skin is highly photosensitive after the IPL treatment. Avoid hot showers and increasing the temperature of the treated area (ie. Sport, driving in a hot car ect..) Avoid exfoliating the area for two days (the area is more sensitive). The treated area may suffer from redness, cool it down with cool towels, gel bags. Avoid waxing, sugaring, plucking between treatments to reassure as many hairs as possible are in the active growth stage for your next treatment. However shaving and trimming your hair is fine and can be performed as often as required.