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Jessica Nail care system


Known as the First Lady of Nails, Jessica Vartoughian's hands-on experience as a manicurist taught her the `same-for-everyone´ manicure and pedicure treatment doesn't address most peoples nail related issues. Working with the finest chemists, Jessica customised base coats for various nail types, assuring they receive the correct nutrients and vitamins for lifelong health. Not only do the base coats treat various nail conditions - also Jessica's nail varnishes' nourishing ingredients sink into the nail bed making it stronger and healthier. 

There is a good reason celebrities from California's Hollywood, to London's Knightsbridge choose Jessica cosmetics. Jessica Manicures and Pedicures truly are elite. 


Jessica Luxury Manicure

40min / $99erica's aesthetic | manicure


Includes complete nail & cuticle work, phenomen cuticle oil, relaxing hand massage with collagen hand creme, Jessica heat pack for added absorption, customised base coat and nail varnish of choice.



35min / $59


Includes complete nail and cuticle work, mini massage and a sheer nail polish.

French polish is an additional $25.


Jessica Luxury Pedicure

65min / $120erica's aesthetic | pedicure


Includes soak, complete nail & cuticle work, callous removal, phenomen cuticle oil, massage with collagen foot creme, Jessica heat pack for added absorption, customised base coat and nail varnish of choice.



55min / $89


Includes soak, total callous removal, complete nail and cuticle work, mini massage and nail polish of choice.



Shellac Manicure & Pedicure


Shellac is a hybrid gel varnish which is cured with a UV-lamp. Shellac lasts up to 2 weeks with no chipping and it provides the nail with a high gloss, protecting and strengthening shield. Shellac is also very gentle on the nail, as application requires no filing of the nail's surface.

Shellac Manicure

50min / $79

Includes complete nail and cuticle work, Shellac nail polish of choice, hand cream.


Shellac Pedicure

60min / $89

Includes soak, complete nail and cuticle work, pedi paddle, Shellac nail polish of choice, foot cream.

Shellac Removal

20min / $20

Complete gentle Shellac polish removal. 



Massage and Body Treatmentserica's aesthetic | body treatment


Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage

30min / $68

Full body Massage

60min / $110


Relax your tensed muscles and let the blood flow freely to your head again with this blissful upper body massage.



Purifying Back Treatment

50min / $120


Deep Cleanse blocked pores and reduce new breakouts. Includes manual and ultrasonic extractions, resulting in smooth, clearer and healthier skin.