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Erica's Aesthetics offer an extensive range of Medik8 peels to cater for various skin problems and conditions. Medik8 peels utilise advanced active ingredients, concentrations and delivery systems, providing you with visible and long lasting results with minimum downtime. Medik8 peels are suitable for use all year round.



Medik8 agePeel

30min / $110

45min / $145*

* including mask and décolletage, neck and shoulder massage

The agePeel includes a combination of acids to assist in reducing fine lines and wrinkles and fade imperfections, leaving your skin smooth and renewed. This peel works to activate your own skin cells to produce more collagen and elastin, the key elements for a youthful looking complexion. This peel uses two key ingredients, Lactobionic Acid (a mild peeling agent with great antioxidant and hydrating properties) and L -Mandelic Acid, (a mild and effective alpha-hydroxy acid) providing results without the negative side effects, such as redness, sometimes encountered in other acid peels.



erica's aesthetic | Medik8 eyePeel

Medik8 eyePeel

15min / $60


The eye area has fewer sebaceous glands than the rest of the face and is thus one of the first places to visibly show signs of aging through a reduction in tone and plumpness. The Medik8 eyePeel is an extremely gentle yet effective peel to treat the delicate skin around the eye area through enhanced cell turnover and regeneration. The peel utilises Lactobionic Acid as the key ingredient, as it has the remarkable ability to act as an exfoliant, antioxidant and humectant. Sloughing away dead cells to leave skin smoother and rejuvenated, the medik8 eyePeel diminishes fine lines and wrinkles without causing irritation.



Medik8 whitePeel

erica's aesthetic | Medik8 whitePeel

30min / $110

45min / $145*

* including mask and décolletage, neck and shoulder massage

Specially designed to target sun damage and hyper pigmentation problems, the whitePeel penetrates the skin's pigment cells (melanocytes) to gently and effectively reduce discoloration for a more even skin tone. The Peel uses a high concentration of Lactic acid to inhibit the formation of tyrosinase (the enzyme responsible of forming melanin) at a cellular DNA level, as well as enhancing the melanin shedding from the epidermis. The second key ingredient, Phytic acid is also used in relatively high concentration as a depigmenting agent, to reduce the melanin content in the skin.


Medik8 betaPeel

30min / $110

45min / $145*

* including mask and décolletage, neck and shoulder massage

Specially The betaPeel rapidly brings acne under control, and dramatically reduces the risk of future outbreaks. betaPeel counteracts acne on all three fronts; blocked pores, comedogenes and inflammation. Delivering a heavy dose of salisylic acid straight into the pores and follicles, clears the pores of cellular debris, reducing pore blockages and breakouts, while Azelaic acid improves acne by normalising the keratin process and decreasing microcomedone formation. Azelaic Acid is also a highly effective antibacterial agent against P. Acnes, the bacteria responsible for inflammatory acne.


erica's aesthetics | Microdermabrasion


45min / $125


Course of 4

4x45min / $450


Course of 8

8x45min / $800



The Diamond Microdermabrasion treatment provides an effective and gentle way to treat a variety of skin problems. It is suitable for all skin types and provides outstanding results on thick, scarred, congested, sun damaged and aging skin. The treatment effectively removes dead skin cells, black heads and white heads. It normalizes oily skin, evening out sun damage, age spots and hyperpigmentation.

Immediately after the treatment your skin will feel softer and firmer and you will notice a reduction in facial lines and sun spots. There is no requirement to have time of work or social activities after the treatment. It is recommended as a course of 4 to 8 treatments, with timing between treatments as recommended by your beauty therapist at the initial consultation.